2017 Wang Canghong Tourism Civilization Festival time moveme

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Wang Cang is the reaction of Sichuan and Shaanxi according to the end of the day. In less than two years, in the Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet area, more than 40 party and government military receivers in the black and four rounds of the army were stationed in Zhawang Cang, and the women’s black army of the Chinese workers and peasants was formed in this way. The women's independent division, the earliest sailor system - the black four-round army general commander's department directly under the 凤凰娱乐(fh03.cc) water company, the most in addition to the night's formation of the red scorpion group - Shaogong International striker. Wang Cang is rich in red civilization represented by "China Black Army Township" and "Wooden Military Assembly Conference Site". In 2009, Wangcang County has successfully curbed the 8th Red Tourism and Civilization Festival, actively 凤凰娱乐(fh03.cc) transforming the cost of the economy into a bad life, spurring the active and dead of tourism property, and reducing tourism expenditures year by year.